Tubac Historical Society


About Us

The Tubac Historical Society was conceived of in the fall of 1967 by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to save the Old Tubac Schoolhouse, which had been built in 1885, and was the school attended by local students well into the 1960’s. Now on the National Register of Historic Places, the Tubac School is a popular attraction located on the grounds of the Tubac Presidio State Park and Museum. Since it’s conception, The Tubac Historical Society has established itself as a critical custodian of the history of Tubac and the Santa Cruz River Valley.  This history is made available to the public in our Brownell Research Center, located at the Tubac Community Center in Tubac, or online, via our online catalog. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about The Tubac Historical Society.

THS Mission

To Support research on the history of Tubac and the Santa Cruz River Valley, preserve that history, and share it with the public.

Our Vision

THS will be a broad based institution that:

  • Fosters  an appreciation of the importance of historical materials and provides leadership in their preservation and public accessibility.
  • Encourages high standards in the research, documentation, preservation and interpretation of historical materials.
  • Supports the application of historical knowledge so as to enrich public understanding of  our community.

Tubac’s 5 Cultures  

Hohokam:        (300 B.C.)
Tohono O’odham, (Pima):      (400 A.D.)
Spanish:          Missionaries begin trading with the Pima as early as 1645, eventually leading to the establishment of the Presidio of San Ignacio de Tubac in 1752
Mexican:         Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821 bringing Tubac under the flag of Mexico.
American:       In 1853, with the Gadsden Purchase, Tubac becomes part of the United States.


50 Bridge Rd. Tubac, AZ 85646

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