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Hal Empie (1909-2002)

For over three quarters of a century, legendary Arizona artist Hart Haller “Hal” Empie spread aesthetic magic across virtually any surface amenable to paint or pen. His productive hand was backed by a personal philosophy that kept his art fresh, forthright and far-reaching. By choosing to operate solely from the well-spring of experience, he created two-dimensional costumes for the creative thoughts, visions and memories that flooded his brain as a matter of instinct. The timeless nature of his work is as evident as his talent and the adventuresome life that gave it soul.

Born March 26, 1909, a child of the territory who grew up with the state, Empie held the dual distinction of being both the oldest continuous resident artist in Arizona’s history and its youngest licensed pharmacist. His paintings, cartoons, drawings and sketches have appeared in countless publications, numerous nationally juried and invitational exhibitions, as well as in the permanent collections of prestigious collectors, museums and cultural institutions throughout the country. He was also the creator behind the Empie Kartoon Kards and Porqupine Aiggs, highly popular artistic novelties that have now become international collector’s items.

Widely celebrated as the Dean of Arizona Artists for the pivotal role he played in fostering the tradition of Arizona art by Arizona artists, Empie’s encyclopedic talents earned him coveted citations in Who’s Who in the West, Who’s Who in American Art, Who’s Who in American Art in the Twentieth century, and Who’s Who in the World, among others. Feature pieces on his life, art and philosophies have been commonplace in newspapers, magazines, and televised productions for well over half a century.


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